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We are the exclusive PyroSim distributors for the BeNeLux market

is a graphical user interface for the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). It is used to create fire simulations that accurately predict smoke movement, temperature, and toxin concentrations during a fire.

Quickly build complex fire simulation models with PyroSim

Key Features

PyroSim is a graphical user interface for the Fire Dynamic Simulator FDS and Smokeview.
PyroSim helps you quickly create and manage the details of complex fire models.

Some of PyroSim's key features include:

* Edit geometry using floor plan images, angled walls, and other powerful tools.
* New right-click menu options to split, merge, and refine meshes.
* Gravity can now be specified as a function of time or the x-coordinate
* Integrated execution of FDS and Smokeview
* Full support for 64-bit operating systems
* Run multi-CPU simulations with a single click
* Import existing FDS4 and FDS5 models.
* Convert FDS4 input files to FDS5
* Import AutoCAD DWG models directly or as background images.

PyroSim is designed to run on MS Window operating systems.
Apple users have reported success using PyroSim with both VMWare Fusion and Parallels.


Users Manual PyroSimManual.pdf [6,860 KB]
Example Problems PyroSimExamples.pdf [5,136 KB]

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