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Insight in Flow

Your company is doing what it's doing since long, and it's well possible that computer simulations were never used before. But more and more companies feel the pressure of being pushed towards the limits of what is possible. Often it is difficult to further improve without new technologies available. Furthermore, an incomplete knowledge of the flows in the existing devices can inhibit new improvements.
A good insight in gas and liquid flows is nearly always a source of a lot of ideas to make thing better (efficiency, effectiveness, capacity, speed, uniformity, ...). CFD helps to deliver these improvements within minimal effort, time and cost.
If you know why something is not working as good as you want it to, you're more than halfway in making it better.

To test new concepts

To flourish tomorrow, one needs to innovate today. But innovations are expensive, and often it's difficult to think outside the box of the known things. Simulations give you the unsurpassed possibility to try out totally new concepts at minimal costs. You can try out ideas in an early stage of development to assess wheter they will work and whether it will be feasable to do...

Virtual Prototyping

Good simulations can limit the need for physical testing and actual prototyping. You can imagine the costs saved with reduced need for testing?

Design optimisation

Small design changes can yield significant improvements in performance. CFD can show the relative effect on the performance of small design changes. The complete simulation-process can even be automatized so that computers can be programmed to find the optimal design with the best dimensions, the highest performance, the lowest cost, the highest capacity, ...

Technical ideas

In the proposal stage of a new project, it can be difficult to convince a customer (internal as well as external) that the proposed design is the right one. The strongly visual information that is the result of flow-simulations will communicate your design's strenghts to the customer.
Simulations can help you to get the risk out of a proposal either.